Having lost our beautiful Jessi a gold retrieverador our hearts were broken…after many conversations we drove from Melbourne to Sydney to meet our prospective adoptees..we immediately fell in love with the bonded pair 10yr old Luna & 12yr old Bella..a gold & black Labrador..that was March 2022..you see age doesn't matter..we bonded straight away with Luna jumping immediately into the back of the car, much to.the amazement of their family. But tragedy was to strike us again. In only a few short weeks Bella was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We booked a holiday & took her to many places & made lots of memories in the short time. Bella passed away at home surrounded by love. Bell a in now home permanently, a beautiful plant in memory of a beautiful girl who gave much love in a short time. Luna misses her mate as do we so we are concentrating on her care. Would we do it all again? In a heartbeat. I would recommend adopting a rescue Labrador. Their love is unconditional..And never overlook the seniors as they have so much to offer..

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