I wasn’t looking for a rescue dog, but Lucy came into my life by fate. I went to a breeders home looking at puppies and Lucy was being fostered. She was available for sale. She sat on my lap and was shaking so nervously. Lucy was already 2 yrs old. Her previous owner had not looked after her. She was 2 kg under weight, was not de-sexed, needed three teeth extracted and had fleas. When I left the home to think about it, she waited at the front door for over an hour that night. I phoned the next day to say I wanted Lucy, not the puppy. Lucy is the love of my life, she means the absolute world to me. Lucy is a beautiful loving, loyal, well behaved girl. She is sensitive, has food intolerances and is on daily medication for seizures. She is happy and healthy and loves her daily walks and visits to the groomers. I know she loves me, we have an amazing bond. Lucy is almost 13 yrs old now and is BEST thing that has happened to me. She recently had two prosthetic eye transplants due to Glaucoma in both eyes.

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