Lucy a 3yre chihuahua cross that was taken from a house were drugs and violence was the normal. She was in foster care before Chris contacted me to say the outlook was bleak for her future and i said i would take her in . when chris and i went to collect her from the foster home it took the two of us to chase her down and each time we got close she would scream and bite. finally we got her in a towel and placed a muzzel on her. the poor little girl messed herself . My first stop was to the pet shop for a thunder shirt and some calming spray. i had set up a temporay cage in the lounge/dining area for her to sleep.. the second night I went to bed with my two dogs and one cat i could hear Lucy crying so i put into bed with us and she slept well. its been 5 months and she is one of the gang dressing up for outings playing with the rabbits and birds AND MOST IMPORTANTLY TRUSTING PEOPLE. The photo shows L to R Lucy Chloe and Dottie my 3 rescue best friends

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