When our beloved 14 year old dog passed away, our two year old was devastated and not coping with being an only dog. We decided to adopt a young dog who would be a playmate for our Pippa and found a small female 15 month old chihuahua/Maltese cross who was exactly what we were looking for. She was called Lady (who we renamed to Lucy) and had a terrible life prior to coming into our home. She had been a stray, been impounded and then passed through two foster carers, all in her short 15 months of life. She arrived at our home and immediately became one of the family, bonding instantly with Pippa and particularly with my husband. The two pups play constantly together, go on walks together and are rarely apart. Our three year old granddaughter is absolutely thrilled to have not one but two constant companions and tells me she loves the puppies more than me! Lucy has been an absolute delight to have and seems to be slowly forgetting the bad memories of her early life.

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