We picked Lucy up and quickly realised she had some behavioral issues with other dogs. She was found roaming the streets and an owner could not be identified. It seems that she never learned how to interact with other dogs and would often get into fights as she would not leave them alone. After getting a one on one training lesson, our trainer saw some serious potential in her for agility. She is very fast and agile, there is rarely a dog that can match her for speed! She now does agility 2 nights per week and has progressed very quickly. We constantly get comments on her nice nature (still a little crazy, but that’s why we like her), and her speed. She is very popular at agility, everyone knows her and they have seen her go from outright lunatic to very focused and a super quick learner! She has accidentally shown us agility and how good it is not only for her, but for us too! I’m now more active than before, and we are just about ready to put her into her first agility competition! She loves it, and has come a long way in 12 months!

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