Lucy was about 18 months old when I adopted her. She had been placed at the shelter by her former owner's family, not sure why. At the time I had a 10 yr old pure bred poodle and he was needing company when I was out working for the day.

Lucy was a trial at first (wetting inside), cute as a button and really got on well with Louis. They played a lot outside and in, it was great to see him bounce back from his depression. As time passed so did Louis, a shame and Lucy did miss him. At this stage I decided to foster dogs and found that Lucy was the bestest assistant. She really brought out the best in every dog we had here.

She also helped me when I had cancer and trying to recuperate. She would sit with me, guarding me and nudging me when I needed to wake.

Lucy was the bestest dog I've ever had, her cuddles were brilliant.

Sadly she passed at 16 when diagnosed with cancer on her liver. My darling baby, Lucille Ball of Fluff was a loving companion to me and my husband. RIP Lucy.

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