Lucifer was trapped with his brother and sisters on a rural property. They were around 6 weeks old when collected them for fosterting. I fondly called them the time she’d terrors as they were absolutely terrified and clearly had had no contact with people. Luckily for them, their mum had done a great job caring for them, so they were healthy and a good weight.
The challenge was to get them socialised and ready for adoption….. slowly and steadily I worked with them, first with a feather wand and then careful stroking and eventually was rewarded with four of the sweetest kittens.
Lucifer was the last to come around… he was very unsure. They have all had their vetwork done and have been adopted by wonderful families who have all fallen in love with their new family member.
I am so proud of these little guys and so happy to see them living their best life

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