Lola and I are a match made in heaven. I’d wanted to adopt a dog for a long time and English Staffies had my heart. I first fostered Lola, a.k.a Lovely Lady Lola of the Manor, through Forever Friends Animal Rescue. An English Staffie cross breed, she was a scared, anxious girl who had been surrendered from a domestic violence situation. She barked at nearly everyone: strangers on the street, most men, visitors to my house. She was hard work and it took a lot of patience, compassion and love to teach Lola that the world was a good place and that people can be kind.
We’ve been together for three years. The recent COVID lockdowns in Melbourne were hard for me, living alone. Lola’s company definitely got me through those dark days.
Her favourite people are now mostly men; she follows my brother-in-law around like a shadow and when my best mate Ray visits, Lola forgets I exist!
She adores my niece and nephew and her best friend is my sister’s 40kg Boxer, Elliott. Lola bosses him around though!
I could not imagine life without my loving, needy, sweet girl, Lovely Lady Lola.

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