In May this year I adopted Lola who is an 8 yr old female Maltese Shitzu. The Centre told me that she had just gone through a umbilical hernia operation, was desexed, had teeth removed and dew claws also removed on the same day and that she came through it all very well. She also has Anxiety problems. I knew that I had a task ahead of me but was determined to give Lola all the love and encouragement that I could possibly give her and as I am 78 to grow old together in love and companionship. I was concerned about her breath as it was getting worse, so I took her to my Vet who told me that Lola has gum disease and would need several teeth removed maybe all her teeth. That happened last Tuesday Lola had 6 teeth removed some nerves were exposed from 2 snapped off teeth but what a different dog she is now pain free. She is on Medication for her anxiety and is improving a lot with people. Our future together is going to be a happy one, because she is giving me so much love and I love her so much.

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