Lola was about 10 months old when I got her. I thought I had made a terrible mistake as she would bite and scratch, I couldn't pick her up because of that. She clearly had so many problems from obviously being abused. With patience, love and kindness I very slowly gained her confidence and her aggressive behaviour gradually subsided over a long period. Lola eventually became the sweet little cat that was hidden inside and she has bought so much joy into my life, a great companion as I live alone. She is very feisty, affectionate and loves nothing better than to be with me on the lounge or recliner chair. The photo is of her with me on the recliner which she very regularly takes over. She is heading towards 14 now, still able to race around with my other rescue cat and making him toe the line. I am so glad I got her, was able to perservere with her and give her a luxurious life, hopefully a much better one than the people who dumped her with her dead kittens! Thank you, Lola for being my loving companion.

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