Loki was adopted from Safe Bunbury. Once she was adopted we set off to Melbourne and got accredited as a therapy team. Since then over the last 4 years we have been visiting aged care, mental health and disability faculties running animal assisted therapy programs as well as visiting schools running wellness programs raising awareness on the importance of animal therapy and how amazing rescue animals are. We eventually plan to adopt more animals and create a fully established therapy ranch. Our newest addition being a kitten adopted also from safe Bunbury. Many people we work with have said that Loki has saved their lives and Loki has also impacted my life in a massive way. I went through a number of things in the last couple of years, which included a car crash which lead to a lot Bed rest and physical rehab! Discovering a tumour and getting treatment for that, dealing with the death of 2 very important people in my life; and much more
Loki was always there with a paw, slobbery kiss, and her love. A client of ours once said something that really resonates with me “When I needed a hand, I found her paw”

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