I saw Loki's picture pop up on PetRescue one weekday morning that I had off work. My husband and I thought a companion puppy for our first dog Lady would be great, but we had decided to wait. Well when I saw that picture (and with my husband safely at work), I knew I had to rescue him. I drove the 1.5 hour trip that morning with Lady in the car, to meet a potential new family member. When we got there, Loki was even sweeter in person, and had lots of personality for 8 weeks old. My dog and Loki got on famously, so there was no question. I come out with tiny Loki in a box, ready to drive home. Well Loki was having none of it. He squirmed out of that box 3 times, and popped up under the brakes just as I was about to drive off. I decided to try sitting him in my lap as a last resort. As soon as I did, he popped his head in the crook of my arm, and slept the whole journey home like that. 2 years later, he's still one of the sweetest dogs I know.

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