Hi I’m Loki
I’m a little brindle staffy with a stumpy tail.
I have blossomed into a confident little guy. I’m always happy. I love playing fetch. I love cats and all people.
I have lots of doggo friends I play with when I go to the park.
Hi I’m Angela
I had a near death accident in 2018. Which left me with many injuries as well as severe depression and anxiety. I was searching everyday for a rescue dog to love and help me as well.
That’s when I found Loki.
He was perfect.
He has a new home with 5 acres to roam and play. He sleeps in my bedroom with me. He has his favourite stuffed bunny that he takes to bed.
He loves swimming. He will jump into his pool before I’ve even put the water in. If we go for a walk he will jump into the nearest creek or puddle.
Loki is so amazing and energetic, he even gets happy to go to see the vet.
He literally saved my life when I needed it the most.
He is my reason for getting out of bed every morning

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