We chose to adopt an older cat, as we knew that we could afford their health needs and we had a peaceful, sunny verandah for an elderly cat to bask on. We had imagined getting a cat of around 10 years old, but when we first met Colo he was of a considerably older vintage. A magnificent black short-haired feline with golden-green eyes, he was completely deaf, nearly blind, had painful arthritis and was on medication for adrenal disease. One vet estimated that he was over 20 years old!

But Colo had a magnificent personality and we fell for him immediately. He was very friendly and calm, and my daughter adored him. He loved to sit in his chair on the verandah and drink from his water fountain. We put up steps so he could climb onto the bed to snooze.

Colo needed significant veterinary treatment throughout his life, from a "lion cut" at the cat beauty parlour (his arthritis prevented him grooming himself properly) to radio-iodine treatment to fix his adrenal tumour.

We had a very happy 18 months with Colo before he went to his final rest. We are privileged to have known him and loved him.

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