Lily lived ignored in a backyard for 14 years until she met her foster carer. Lily waited five months for a family because she was old and had a tumour (the test detecting cancer was too risky). At home, she was happy with our blind, deaf and old dog. She helped him with his grieving of his late friend. Our cat was scared but two days later she felt comfortable near her. Lily shared everything with my dog and cat. She loved attention, she snored loudly and enjoyed walks. She looked like a cute Ewok. When my daughters got sick, Lily stayed by their side. Lily's life was complete, until she finally showed signs of cancer. She licked my hand to say goodbye. She passed away peacefully in my arms. Lily spent 13 days with us and taught us to enjoy life until the end. The vet explained that dogs hide their pain until they feel comfortable showing it, which Lily did. She finally felt she's a part of the family, even though she waited more than 14 years. We are grateful because she gave us her love until the end. Lily rests in our garden, her forever home.

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