Initially scared, underweight, injured and with no idea how to be a doggy I knew our Lillie needed help, love and time. However broken bones and a severe UTI didn't stop her from bounding up to me with excitement, even though her tail was tucked between her legs and her eyes were wide. I gently encouraged her into my car with her new teddy and blankets, we started the 9 hour drive home. She would occasionally glance at me with interest and would poke her little head over the seat to sniff me and nuzzle against me. Finally at home she warily stepped from the car but when I opened the gate to her new yard, filled with toys, a doggy pool and more importantly green luscious grass she sprang to life. No more did she have to fear being locked in a laundry or having to hold her wee. I climbed into her kennel with her everyday for a week and gave her treats each time she would enter and cuddle. Now I adore watching her face each time she races excitedly outside and flops onto her bed, rolls on her back to gaze happily at the open skies.

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