Our little Lil isn't meant to be here! Two years ago we lost our tiger, Murgy and brother, Bear’s melancholy persisted for months. My Mother-in-Law arranged for the people at Cootamundra Vets to send photos of kitties they had up for adoption. We committed to a little tortie called ‘Venus’, who had been abandoned for over a year, was terribly underweight and mothering kittens.
Weeks later the kittens were weaned and Venus was desexed, but there were problems. Her abdomen was full of fluid and xrays showed masses in her chest. She was not expected to live beyond a month. We decided we’d make her last days as happy as we could.
It took Lil a week to come out of hiding – she’d obviously been traumatised in her past – but once she decided she'd trust us, she was the most loving sweet little girl. Bear thought she was a bit of a pest with her playfulness, but he obviously appreciated her company.
Weeks turned to months, and months to years. Vets say her ‘insides are all over the place’, but it's clear our happy and playful little Girl isn’t going anywhere. She is the light of our lives.

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