When Lexi came to me she was full of worms, not vaccinated, very tiny. I paid a single mother who had obviously realised she couldn’t afford the beautiful Lexi a rotty after she had bought her- I was able to pay her extra to drop her off- and instantly fell in love- she was to become part of the family and become the sister of my GSP dodger. Working from home can be hard with a GSP then these two became the best of mates- from not eating, to over eating- and bad stomach issues she became good and started to grow and become her own amazing character. She is a beautiful loving, caring girl who loves to sit with me while I’m working making sure she’s under my desk near my feet, running at the beach, visiting the dog park and eating her bones. She is also a healer herself having been pivotal for a housemate of mine who suffers dramatically from depression- without fail she will jump up first thing in the morning and start scratching gently at her door- only to try and get her out of bed something she struggles with daily. Love her to bits!

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