I was convalescing from an operation and was quite immobile. My sister who worked for the vet clinic rescued a tick ridden kitten and wanted me to take him. I didn’t want him as it meant caring for another thing! Each day he grew into his fluffy self and took to sleeping near me when I worked. He used to hop into a little basket and would put his huge paws on my hand. I eventually put the basket on my desk so he could watch me. He put a smile on my face each day which grew bigger and bigger. He distracted me from my own pain as he was so tiny and needed caring. He is now 5 years old and completely mad. He won’t let us sweep the floor. He jumps on the broom. But the best part of him is his stealth hiding behind corners and then listening to the family scream when he pounces on them. Lockdown is his favourite. He is now very techno savvy and has an uncanny sense of timing to show his face and other parts of him to the world when we have Zoom meetings. He is part of us.

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