Happiness. This one simple word, although mammoth in its meaning, doesn't even come close to actually describe how i feel ever since Leo stepped into my life.
The ginger giant came to us from a pound, dirty and smelly (reminds me of Phoebe's Smelly Cat). What he lacked in hygiene, Leo compensated with love and affection towards us, and his fellow fosters – Bosco, Phoebe, Bella, Mabel, Ally the doggo and Snowy. I have been watching him and he has grown (not just in size). He is a mentor to young ones, teaches them to eat properly and use the special box to make their deposits; he is a playful mate with kitties his size (read punching bag); and he is just a baby for me. He tells incoming fosters that things will be good, and reassures adopted ones of safety and happiness. He is my bbedtime
m paperweight, who comforts me after a tiring day. In less than three months time, Leo has had such a profound impact on our lives that i can't imagine a day without him purring to my strokes.
All in all, he is a happy cat and i have no complaints about that!

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