Leo caught our attention amongst a room of other cats as she had most of her fur shaved off (matting, ringworms). In fact, we thought she looked most unlike a cat which left us puzzled with a laugh. After lots of affectionate nudges from her, we were sold. She was terrified when she came home, often hiding behind the fridge. But after a week or so, she started dominating the couch, our bed and would demand we wake up at first light. As her fur started growing, so did our love for her quirkiness for all things 'cheap', for e.g. tissue papers, paper bags. It's been 1.5 years since Leo became a family member. She's taught us to let go of anger quickly as treats are worth so much more. Despite her traumatic history, she's always ready for an adventure – which taught us resilience. Leo has since got her long furcoat which we can tell she protects and takes pride in as she uses her fluffy tail to ask for rubs. Leo is still easily startled but we sense the confidence in her knowing she has got a forever home – she is very defensive when visitors come.

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