I was looking for a best friend for my young male dog and was scouring every rescue organisation I could find so that I could adopt. I found my girl, she looked so sad, so lonely, so uncared for, and I knew she was the one. I met her at a foster carers house and immediately wanted her so put in my application, then when I was leaving she broke out of her enclosure and followed me, didn't want me to go without her. I nagged the rescue so much that they let me take her as long as I promised to take her to the booked desexing appointment so of course I did. She was a total mess as she has been horribly abused but you would never know that the little skinny, abused, fearful dog I picked up that day is the beautiful, confident, loved dog I now have. I may have saved her that day but she has given that back to me a million times over.

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