We adopted LB (Long Black) on October the 12th 2018 at 2:00 pm. I'm not sure who changed whose life more. LB has transformed from a timid hound to become an amazing ambassadog for greyhounds. She has been in a photoshoot in Dare Magazine, met a Cabinet Minister, several MPs, and an ex-State Premier. She brought a Macquarie Bank executive to his knees in Martin Place, has swanned into the CBD offices of major corporates, and confidently wins people over wherever she goes. After adopting LB I joined the cult, becoming a volunteer at Greyhound Rescue and, consequently, engaging with some of the nicest, most decent and compassionate people I have met in my life. My kids are proud of my wife and I for adopting a greyhound and for the ongoing work with Greyhound Rescue; proud kids has to be an absolute highlight for any parent.

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