Hi, my name is Lazarus, Lazzie for short. Yes, I was a stray. Mum was a neglected dog & poorly treated by her humans. Dad was a stray, I never met. He got Mum pregnant & she had a litter of 6. I was the runt. I made a bed under the house & fell asleep. When I woke up Mum & the humans were gone. I never saw them again. I was hungry & thirsty, felt really sad. I heard other stray puppies outside the fence. I dug a hole & joined them.. We took off to Batemans Bay for a feed. We stayed there eating scraps & raiding bins. I avoided rangers & outsmarted them. One day they trapped me & took me to their concrete jail. I was there for 3 weeks. No one came for me. I weighed 3kgs & had flea mange. John came just before the vet arrived to send me to doggie heaven. I now weigh 7kgs, go to dog training, win awards, spoilt, loved & have a great life. I keep Mum busy & have cured her depression. I specialize in psychology & our love is unconditional. Get yourself a "poundy".

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