Layla came to us extremely skinny with a back story of neglect and having had multiple litters. She was a bit weary of us to begin with, never forcing her way onto your lap like a pug does, and wasnt exactly sure why she had a new home or a new pug brother who was playful and smitten with her.
Fast forward 18 months and not only is she the happiest pug, who loves to lie in the sunshine, she has also claimed every blanket in the house as hers and also willingly jumps onto your lap for pats, licks and cuddles.
She’s also gone from scrawny enough to feel every rib to needing to be on a diet! Probably because she’s so comfortable in our house now that she tries to help herself to the food in the pantry
(Layla is the one with her tongue out in the picture. I know it’s meant to be me with her but this is my absolute favorite picture of her)

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