Lara was one of many staffy pups dumped at the front door or firefly animal rescue. We went to meet little Lara who was only 10 weeks old, and she was the first pup to run up to my husband and I and just sat on our foot. She was a little cheeky and not at all toilet trained, so we decided to put her through puppy training. This taught her obedience and eventually she was walking to our left on a lead with no pulling. We also crate trained her (even though we had a pretty bad poop explosion in her cage one night) and she always used the doggy door to do her business outside. If Lara wasn’t adopted by us, she would have been put down like many of the dogs, so I feel the love and many many cuddles we give her each day, has not only changed her life, but ours also. Every morning when she sees us through the kitchen window, she’s that happy, her bottom half of her body moves from side to side like she’s dancing. It’s so adorable. Life without little Lara just wouldn’t be the same. She is our world!

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