In 2012, I stumbled across pet rescue where I found a litter of puppies up for adoption, born on Christmas Day 2011 tiny Christmas angels. I instantly connected with the most odd in the litter. Two different coloured eyes on two different eye patches and a crazy ball of energy. Lacey became the best assistance dog, with her by my side we had adventures, she opened a world up for me I couldn't have been part of without her. My safety was always firmly cared for in her tiny paws. She never needed a leash to work we were attached by the heart. She helped me learn about dog training, she built confidence in other dogs and people. She excelled in everything she ever did. She was perfectionist and a massive flirt all the boys loved her both canine and human! Her heart was so full of vibrance and no one couldn't love this little scruffy mutt. Everywhere she went she added joy. Sadly on Dec 1 her heart failed her, diagnosed with cardiac hemangiosarcoma she fought hard but it overcame her. Lacey's legacy lives on she was a dog never limited by her size, her genetics or her background.

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