Kyro is my bundle of joy, which he brought into my life after my 2 dogs passed in 3 weeks from each other. Kyro was rescued in the last minute from being put down. He was abused, therefore very aggressive. We had a few problems in the first year and he bit me twice but I told him: mate I’m not giving up on you. With a lot of TLC Kyro became a loving caring dog,. Loves children and stopes people on the street for a cuddle. Kyro has cancer but he is showing me how pressures life is. He wants to live and he is fighting for it in his usual happy way. I could have never ask for a better dog. His adopted sister Kasey is at his side very step on the way. Kyro is always a favorite wherever he goes. He has shown everyone it is worth to give an animal a second chance in life. He is my big shadow never fahr away from me . I love him dearly On the photo Kyro is the rotti-x and the one in Pyjama is Kasey

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