Kona the maremma was an anxious, reactive boy when he came to us. You could tell he desperately wanted to be loved and safe. When we adopted him, he was living at his Foster Carer’s with nine other dogs. He was scrawny and his coat was patchy. In the 12 months of his life to date, he’d gone from the family who bought him, into a foster home, been sent to a neighbours to guard their livestock – which he failed at – and back to the foster home. We were his fourth home. The minute he saw my husband, he ran over and leaned against him. The two have been inseparable since. Kona has gone from recoiling from brooms, jumping at unexpected noises and growling when people came too close to being the hugest cuddle bug. He is best friends with our other giant breed dog. As a maremma, he has the best of both worlds – the opportunity to snuggle with his family and the responsibility of chasing the local eagle away from our two sheep. He is happy, healthy and always has the huge, trademark maremma smile on his face. So glad he’s part of our family!

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