As I was growing up we never had any animals even though my siblings and I begged for them. I secretly was quite scared of them and had never understood why people loved them. When I was around 20 years old still living at home Mum randomly decided one day to rescue a gorgeous 4 month old Chion (Papillion x Chihuahua) – mind you we had all been saying we’d love a dog for a very long time. She was gorgeous, a little nervous and really bonded with our family. My family had to go away for a 2 weeks about a month after we got her and I was taking care of her. I was amazed at the connection that you can form with animals and she became my best friend. She was almost my therapy dog. Ive loved dogs ever since and will forever be grateful to our gorgeous dog Koko for teaching me how to love dogs. 🐾

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