I adopted koda 6.5 years ago, she was 6wks old. From a pound in the middle of South Australia. After being abandoned on the side of the road in a bag with the rest of the litter. She was going to be put down due to being to very sick. I adopted her and paid for her vet bills to make her healthy and happy. She had attachment issues and destroyed doors, couches etc plus bark and whine when I left for work. It took a lot of work, time and patience but she is now happy when I leave her alone. She has had many health issues but I always find the money and support to help her. From tearing her acl and needing surgery to puppy mange and skin allergies. She hasn’t left my side and goes everywhere with me from moving interstate to holidays, family gatherings, the beach, park and friends houses, she even has her own Christmas stocking. Not only is she my dog she is my best friend and companion. I don’t know where we would be without each other. It’s always just been just us 2 ☺️

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