Hi šŸ‘‹
I received two 3week old brother & sister kitten 2weeks ago!
Koby my Ginger boy was 440grams, heā€™s now 884grans
Kya my little blue grey ball of fluff was 360grams and is now 783grams!
I have never really be attracted to ginger cats but this little boy has melted my heart, he is advanced- was climbing up & jumping off my bed the day I got him! He loves snuggles & sucking my dreads! He hears my voice and runs to me, climbs up me to reach my face & snuggle into my shoulder, heā€™s sister Kya is just as sweet but a little more independent, at 5weeks they have just been introduced to my 1 and half year old princess Chakraā€¦
Chakra was automatically attracted to Koby and started washing heā€™s bottom, With Kya she was a bit hesitant at first but now enjoy playing together,
They are booked in for their first vaccinations on Monday.
I really donā€™t want to be a ā€˜foster failureā€™, as this is only my second litter!
I still have a few more weeks with these guys & Iā€™m already in love šŸ˜»

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