The first day I met Kiki she let me hug her and curled her long swan neck around mine – I knew that I could never give her up again.

At first, she was very timid, wary of people and other dog she would freeze or run away from them in fear. She was also terrified of loud noises, particularly trams. Fast forward to 6 months later and she has grown hugely in confidence. She is now a permanent fixture by my side (including matching outfits!) and loves meeting other people and dogs. Most of her day is spent snoozing next to my desk in her fluffy snuggle bed and of course park zoomies. Her second favorite activity aside from sleeping, is going to our local pub and saying hello to all the patrons with a wide-eyed stare and snoot in lap.

While I have improved her life, she has improved mine immensely particularly during lock down. I have companionship, motivation to get moving out of bed and a personal heater that is the perfect cuddle buddy. She has grounded me and provided me with more joy than I could ever imagine. I can't recommend the adoption journey highly enough!

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