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My greyhound I adopted was a racer until 5.5 when she was rescued. She was 2 days off the track when I got her.

She was aggressive, bit me alot, snarled at me even more, urinated everywhere, had extreme separation anxiety… But we persevered.

After 6 months she no longer bit me, and I encouraged her to communicate with growling to express boundaries.

We worked tirelessly to increase the amount of time she could spend alone with a stopwatch. Starting at 10 seconds, and going up in small increments until we finally got up to 2 hours.

She would inhale her food and responded well to a kong wobbler, even bringing it to us at meal times.

She LOVED squeaky toys and wearing the latest greyhound fashions.

Sometimes she stole pillows, and for some reason her favourite "food" to steal is antacids 😂

She has been both a nightmare and a blessing, and I would not change her for the world. I am so very proud of her.

She passed away due to necrotic fasciitis earlier this year 🌈, and I now foster through Gumtree Greys because of her.

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