Kenny was a German Shepherd who was surrendered to a Sydney Animal
Shelter by his former owner who would not give this beautiful young dog the time and energy to ensure he was trained and exercised.

So Kenny was left at a pound to
await his fate. Being an older dog and showing anxiety in s pound with so many fearful dogs around him he was deemed too reactive to be sold to the public. It was then a rescue group called German Shepherd Rescue NSW saw his plight and took him into care

The rest is history, Kenny was taken into care given the time and attention this loyal breed required with caring people. Kenny was placed into a foster home with his fellow rescue chums and soon was available for adoption.
Kenny was an awesome dog who just loved life and people. We saw this handsome lad and immediately sent our application in to adopt, meetings were held and our experience with this breed checked.
Fingers crossed we were successful and Kenny became a member of our family.
Kenny is now an integral family member who provides our days with joy, unconditional shepherd cuddles and lots of lapsitting.

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