Kenny came into my work was only a couple of days old, was attacked by the breeders German shepherd and he was the only survivor out of 10 …
I had to hand rear him, up every 2 hours to feed him and got to a point I had to tube feed him because he wouldn’t eat
From the attack he has a ear missing but also walks a bit silly because of the attack on his head but he is the most happiest little thing I’ve ever seen! He’s had surgery to try and fix his walking and it has been so sucsessful he basically used to hand stand but now he can walk like a regular dog!
He comes to work with me and everyone knows him ! He puts a smile on everyone’s face because he is such a funny little thing! I couldn’t imagine my life without him ! He’s like my baby and comes everywhere with me! Even to the shops! He’s the best and I’m so happy I saved the little guys life !!!

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