We foster as a family to teach my son about giving back and helping our community. After fostering over 65 Dogs and Puppies, Kaylee a Pilbara special came into our family from a rough background.  She was so shy and timid she had to be carried inside by the ranger and stayed under the dining table for the first few days. After gaining her trust we spent time training her, as she had been taught nothing at 6months of age. We started with the basics and Kaylee learned about treats and thought they were amazing.  We all fell in love with her as she began to open up and wanted to be loved. Snuggling in for a cuddle and a lick up the face, she knew she was SAFE. She had me exercising more which was good for both of us as I had to teach Kaylee to walk on a lead. She was very afraid of men and not sure how to behave with other dogs. After months of training and love, we decided we couldn’t let her go so we adopted her. She is a huge part of our family now.  We still foster for SAFE Karratha, Kaylee loves friends.

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