Our family had a plan to rescue one sweet little puss from our local shelter, Just Cats, but fate had its way with us!
We saw Kaylee on their Facebook page and my eldest daughter, Alara, fell in love. It was a forgone conclusion right from that first moment that she would be coming home with us!
That evening we saw another Facebook post showing Kaylee’s sister sitting in her enclosure all alone looking slightly lost and sad. This proved too much for my youngest daughter, Carly, who decided that she, too, must become a member of our family. The very next day saw us right back at Just Cats to pick up this gorgeous girl who we renamed Abigail.
Both little ladies required us to earn their trust with love and patience. Neither like their feet off the ground especially Abigail who also makes the funniest face when patted on the head.
We have now had our beautiful girls for just over three years and neither of them would consider leaving their spoilt lives within our home. They found their way into our hearts right from the start.

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