Our family loves to adopt! My daughter was adopted from China nearly 15 years ago and she has been such a precious blessing for the entire time. We lost our previous cat to a medical condition in October 2018. When looking for a replacement cat, my daughter came across the Pet Rescue site and we were connected to Cheltenham Cat Rescue and one of their foster carers Rebecca. Upon going for a ‘meet and greet’ we met our precious Jupiter and it was love at first sight. We bought him home at the end of October and our love for him continues to grow. He is such a precious blessing! He is loving, affectionate, cuddly and snuggly and friendly and loves us as much as we love him. He has many nicknames, one of our favourite is ‘Sir Purr-a-lot’ because of his frequent loud purrs, especially when he is being held in our arms.

Having him in our family and in our lives makes us smile every day. My daughter loves playing with him, he makes her laugh on a daily basis and we couldn’t imagine life now without him.

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