Jesse is a mareema she was living at Port Macquarie I got a phone call to say that she was available she was very nervous and hadn’t been on any trips or travels. When I got her home the next day we went to go for a walk I got about 3 m and then she stopped after a little while with a little bit of coaching she was able to do a 1K walk it might of took about two hours or maybe three but we got there. After she settled in she started to run around like a normal little pup been 2 .1/2 she was just like a pup we showed her lots of love and affection and she started to settle In . Every time a car or truck went bye she was very nervous after taking a for a few walks she got used to the cars in the trucks the bus was still a little bit scary. Okay for walks now and she doesn’t have any trouble she settled in at home really well and she’s doing just what she was bred to do look after. Thank you Port Macquarie from MWH

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