My beautiful Jessie lived to 23 years, sadly passed away 2 years ago. I do not have a photo of her to upload so instead will upload my cheeky Leela. When Jessie was 5yrs old she had Cryptococcus in her nose. It was scraped out and I had to feed her through a tube into her neck for a few weeks. We then embarked on 18 months of treatment. For this entire time I had to take her to the vet twice weekly for antibiotics administered SC in 500mls, leaving her there for about 4 hours each time. She was always so happy to see me when I picked her up. It cost over $10000 and that was in 2000. But she lived a great life for another 18 years. She was the last thing I saw at night and first thing every morning. She slept right next to me. Towards the end she was mattered and smelly but I loved her so much and still miss her every day.

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