We just lost our 17 year old in February this year. We had adopted her when she was 12 from a rural pound located on the outskirts of a tip. My partner was on a road trip for work and it just so happened that I had seen her beautiful little face on a rescue site on Facebook 2 days prior to him leaving and luckily for us she was at the last stop on his journey, so I hopped along for the ride and by lunchtime the very next day we sneakily took a side track and ended up adopting our littlest Sass queen into our lives. 5 super happy years later we had to say a heartbreaking goodbye to our Jersey girl, but they were the happiest 5 years of our lives, giving her and us a new lease on life. We've forever vowed to keep adopting seniors in her honour. Included is her pound photo that I fell in love with instantly. Jersey is survived by her adopted rescue brother Pirate and step sister Violet. Please adopt, don't shop.

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