I had lost my little girl a Chinese crested x and I thought I would never find a love like her again Then one day my husband showed me a picture on no hair arks Facebook page and I instantly fell in love… the day I picked her up I was so excited and nervous wondering if she would love me as much as my previous baby did… I picked her up from the airport she was timmid and very quiet after the long drive I stopped to get some dinner at KFC to eat when I got home… as soon we got home she would not leave the cage but when I showed her the chips she ran and jumped on me and has not left my side since…. she sleeps in my bed and is always under the covers when I'm watching tv she only loves me and will only come to me… my husband will cuddle me And she will bark at him cause she's jealous … people say she's ugly but to me she's my world and I think she's beauitful meet my girl Jenny Chinese crested x poodle

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