Jasper has transformed from nervous street dog to pampered pet. He is the light of my life. When I adopted Jasper on NYD 2017, I had 8 weeks previously lost my previous dog and wasn't coping. I suffer from nerve pain and depression, to the the point of being suicidal. Jasper is my reason for getting out of bed, some days the only reason I smile/laugh, and is my reason for living. As my sunshine, Jasper is the apple of my eye. He has the best food, treats that don't upset his tummy, goes on walks of his choosing (he has several routes and picks which he wants to do), and as I work from home he has lots of company and affection. He is insured and off to the vet if there is a hint of a problem! As he loves to sniff, we started canine scent work last year as an activity to build his confidence (and just because he loves it). We have scent work lessons at our dog club every Saturday and he just loves it – what could be better for a food-driven dog than getting yummy treats for sniffing?! I love seeing him happy.

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