I have a bichon Billy and a cat Molly. They are best friends but Molly likes to go on adventures leaving Billy alone. I decided to rescue a bichon to be his new friend. I had signed up with ABFR and it seemed to take forever for a dog to come up in my state. Finally Jasper came up. I drove three hours to go get him and he was so timid. His fur was matted and full of debris and he moved with real difficulty. First meal he inhaled. Quick trip to the vet and groomers. He had to be shaved right back (luckily we were in Queensland and it was summer!) Vet revealed he had arthritis so treatment commenced, he was also several kilos overweight which most certainly would not have helped. His behaviors and state suggested he was left outside with other dogs and had to fight of food. A bichon is an indoor dog requiring regular grooming. we bought a maze bowl to slow eating. He has now lost 4 kilos and runs around like a puppy. He is so loyal to me, still a little shy around adults but we are getting there.

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