April 2014 we rescued three pups, all under 12 months old. They replaced our other two rescue dogs who died over the same weekend aged 13yrs 3 months before.
Our three new pups are heading to being 8 and continue to bring us great joy. The look on their face when we come home every day tells us they are so happy to see us. Every day is the same. Forever wanting attention, belly rubs, scratch behind the ear, scratch at the top of their tail, they are just so eager to please and to be with us.
We let them inside more times then they are out. They sleep inside and Max in particular just loves to cuddle. He waits until I'm asleep and he sneaks up onto the bed and snuggles in besides me. Indi and Jasper love playing hide and seek, just like a couple of kids, always chasing each other and running free in our half acre yard. Jasper is just fixated on his ball, never leaves it alone and Indi loves swooping in to "steal" it from him before he catches it. These are our 5th, 6th & 7th rescue dog.

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