Sadly lost my first cat Chloe- to tumas spreading in her tummy šŸ˜”

Two years went by, I felt lonely & the feeling of emptyness around the house with No furbaby to squeeze & cuddle, so off to Cathaven. I prepared for a little girl approx 3~5yrs DSH.
Looked at every moggie there was there, except for one (a boy) right up in the top corner which I really didn't want. So disappointingly started walking away. Feeling sad I said lets go back & see that little fella in the top corner a 1 yr old very scared little boy. "Jaspa" he came for a snuggle in my hand, we instantly had a connection so i said he will fit in with our family just beautifully, that was 4 years ago now, he still is a very nervous cat but he trusts me & we have a great bond together he looks me in the eyes to see if I'm looking at him, we talk about things & he follows me everywhere. So that little street rat who chose me has a loving home & cared about & I love him to bits.
Friendship x

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