My husband, daughter and I first decided to adopt another dog about 1 year after our beloved and precious previous recused pup past away at 15 years old. The first puppy we adopted was a Great Dane, but unfortunately we realised that he wasn’t the right fit for our family. After only about 1 week of having this beautiful pup apart of our family, I ended up with pneumonia. It was an extremely stressful time, my husband had to take a lot of time off work in order to take care of our 13 year old daughter whilst I was in hospital. This led us to a heart breaking decision to give back the Great Dane puppy because we realised we couldn’t, at the time give this dog the best life that he most especially deserved. Once I luckily recovered, approximately 4 months later my family and I decided to adopt another rescue dog, Jagger. Jagger is a stubborn, adorable, cuddly mutt that we ultimately couldn’t live without. My daughter has established the most incredible bond with him, especially as an only child. Jagger has transformed since we adopted him because he has matured a lot and we love him

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