Jaffa had undergone surgery to remove her front leg as it was severely injured when she arrived at CPS. The girls there were amazing with her but she was very timid and was doing her best to adapt to being a tripod. As soon as I got her home she completely transformed from a scaredy cat to the most loving companion. She has become my best friend and she has cared for me through tough times just as much as I cared for her. Nothing slows her down now and it is barely noticeable she has a disability at all. She has one of the most loving personalities which was marked when CPS released their first range of brooches. These designs were of some of their most memorable cats and Jaffa with her 3 legs was one of them. Cat Protection Newtown do some
amazing work and were great during and after the adoption process. Jaffa and I can’t thank them enough for bringing us together.

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