I was buying pet food at Butler Petstock store and saw this beautiful cat for adoption I went to look at her and she came straight up to me and let me pat her I have to admit I’m not a cat person and have 2 small dogs at home , I can’t explain it but I got tingles , I finished shopping and went home but couldn’t get her off my mind ? I called the store 2 weeks later to see if she had been adopted ,no she was still there 😭 , I still waited till my next shop for pet food to see if she was still there , I found she was put into foster as no one adopted her then and there I knew she was mine after a lot of phone calls searching for her, I found her and adopted her, she is the most gorgeous thing I just love her so much and she took a little time to settle in with my 2 little dogs but we’re 1 big happy family 🥰 she was meant to be with us

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